Our team

Hiring talent

Our main asset at Aszende is our people. This is why we devote ever more resources and effort to strengthen this fundamental pillar. Our aim is to continue growing, without losing the values that identify us as a family business while keeping our sights on progress.

91% of our
staff are on permanent contracts

We care about
our employees and our customers

We are committed to gender equality

The average
length of service in the company is 7 years

Our team is constantly growing in number and professional development

Join the Aszende Family

As a family business, at Aszende we believe that people come first. Our top priority is to make all our employees feel like one of the family. That’s why at Aszende you’ll find decent working conditions, family-friendly measures and opportunities for professional development.

Health insurance

working hours

Condensed workday
in summer

20% of
positions are filled

What our employees say