Solutions for passenger lifts and goods lifts

We take care of everything a lift needs,
even the piped music

For more than 45 years, Aszende has been offering a comprehensive service for passenger and goods lifts. To this end, we offer a wide range of solutions for the installation, modernisation and maintenance of lifts. And, naturally, always meeting the highest quality standards that have always characterised us.


You’ll have the best range of solutions for all types of projects, at the best price. Whether for private homes or buildings open to the public. You can also take a look at the technical drawings and specifications of all our products. Our products can be adapted for any space; whether they are duplex, have two adjacent entrances or through entrances, we work according to each customer’s requirements.

Major renovations

Large projects need the best professionals: you can rely on us to modernise your lift and make your facilities more accessible and inclusive. Evident improvements can include modernising your cabin with an avant-garde design, reducing electricity consumption, automating the doors, making the lift fully accessible, increasing safety with the latest safety systems and improving comfort.

Buildings without lifts

We can install your lift in all types of buildings and facilities. In addition, our technology allows us to maximise cabin space, even when there’s not much room. Aszende will look for the best location for the lift. We can install lifts in stairwells or inner courtyards or on façades. Contact us and we will find the best location.

Industrial sector

Find out about our complete range of vertical transport solutions specially designed for industrial use. We offer you the very best installation service, as well as a range of reliable, safe products manufactured with the best materials and technology. Goods lifts with or without cabins, car lifts, etc.

Single-family homes

Would you like to optimise vertical transport in your house? Upgrade your home and make it more accessible with our mobility solutions for private use. Find out about the Homelift, our slow-speed home lift incorporating the best Aszende technology.

Customisable design

You can choose from our catalogue of models, materials and finishes so that your lift’s appearance suits the aesthetics of the surroundings.