GRL Backpack Electric Micro

Aszende Lifts

Lift with GEARLESS technology, with backpack-type chassis and flexible configuration ideal for narrow shafts, maximising cabin dimensions. It’s an ideal solution for existing buildings, refurbishments, residential buildings, public places, industrial buildings or family homes.

Features of the GRL Backpack Electric Micro

  • Mechanism:  GRL (Gearless) backpack chassis.
  • Speed: From 0.6 m/s to 1.6 m/s.
  • Rated load:  180 kg – 1,250 kg.
  • Travel:  Up to 40 metres of travel.
  • Pit:  Minimum pit from 1,050 mm to 1,400 mm depending on load and speed. Viable from 300 mm with regulatory exemption.
  • Voltage:  220 V single phase, 220 V three phase, 380 V three phase.
  • Boarding:  Simple boarding, double boarding with two adjacent entrances or through entrances (i.e. at 90º and 180º), triple boarding.
  • Minimum safety clearance:  3,400 mm to 4,500 mm, depending on load and speed. * from 2,700 mm with a regulatory exemption procedure.
  • Configuration:  Versatile, flexible lift adaptable to all types of shaft. Lifts are available with automatic doors inside and outside the cabin allowing convenient access to the lift for elderly people with reduced mobility. Thinking about our future now will make it more comfortable.
  • Lift in accordance with UNE EN 81-20/50, UNE EN 81-21, UNE EN 81-70 regulations for buildings which are public places.

Configura tu ascensor en 3 min.

Espejos, suelo, botoneras, pantallas personalizables con conexión
a internet… Elige entre toda nuestra gama de colores, accesorios
y materiales prémium y diseña el ascensor que más se adapte a
tus necesidades y al entorno.

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