Automatic doors

The main advantage of automatic glass doors is that they always open and close well. Forget about doors that stay open or don’t shut properly. It’s even advantageous in terms of time. If an employee is busy, they can’t be keeping an eye on the entrance. This would take up important minutes during a sale. Summer or winter, glass ensures that the interior is kept at a comfortable temperature. It’s a good insulating material. The view of the shop changes remarkably. If you don’t have these doors and decide to install them, it will change the image of your business for the better. Glass brings a touch of elegance that very few types of decor can imitate. You don’t need to have anyone in charge of the entrance. In places such as hotels, there used to be an employee whose job it was to open the door for every approaching customer. With automatic doors, this is no longer necessary. A sensor will take care of it all

Garage doors

At Aszende you’ll find a wide range of garage doors: side hinged, up-and-over, sliding, roller, etc. All our systems have been manufactured with the best materials to ensure optimum performance and the safety of your car park. 

Industrial doors

Would you like to optimise performance at your industrial facilities? In Aszende you’ll find the best systems for industrial use: loading bay sectional doors, shelters, lifting tables, vehicle restraints… All equipped with every safety measure and manufactured from the most resistant materials.

Doors for trade and retail

We can also offer you an excellent selection of automatic glass doors for pedestrian access. Our solutions combine the best technology with elegant and functional design. Whatever your building, premises or facilities, you’ll find the perfect automatic door for you at Aszende.