Escalators and walkways

Aszende’s range of escalators and moving walkways goes one step further in terms of technology, efficiency and adaptability. A wide range of possibilities ensures the suitability of each choice, whatever the specific conditions in each case. Space, passenger traffic and conditions of use are no longer constraints but become our indicators for determining the best choice. In addition, its modular design ensures the optimisation of the installation and enjoyment of the product, thanks to its adaptability to project specifications. A system that offers many different possibilities with certain features in common: reliability, comfort and optimum performance form the basis for the success of any product in our range. In line with our philosophy of excellence and continuous improvement, all our products comply with European standard EN115 and other international standards.


  • Installation: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Hours in operation (hours/day): 16–24
  • Inclination: 30°/35°
  • Speed (m/s): 0.5/0.65
  • Capacity (persons/h): Up to 7300
  • Step width (mm): 600/800/1000
  • Rise: 2–7.5 m


  • Installation: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Hours in operation (hours/day): 16
  • Inclination: 0°–12°
  • Speed (m/s): 0.5
  • Capacity (persons/h): Up to 6000
  • Step width (mm): 800/1000/1200
  • Rise: 2–7.5 m

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