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Instalar un ascensor sin hueco en la escalera, ¿es posible?

¿Es posible instalar un ascensor sin hueco de escalera? Esta es una pregunta que muchos propietarios de viviendas se hacen cuando desean mejorar la accesibilidad en su hogar. Afortunadamente, existen soluciones innovadoras que permiten la instalación de ascensores en espacios reducidos, incluso sin contar con un hueco de escalera preexistente. En

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Platform stairlift: definition, types and features

In the growing search for improved accessibility in all buildings, the platform stairlift provides a versatile solution. These are innovative solutions that have already facilitated freedom of movement in public, private and all types of buildings, breaking down the physical barriers of stairs and providing inclusive access. The impact of this

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Types of goods lift by place of installation

Goods lifts are indispensable tools in a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments. They are versatile machines that allow the efficient movement of heavy loads, saving time and effort.  However, not all goods lifts offer the same results for all environments and types of work. Therefore, we will now focus

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When is it compulsory to install a lift?

In today’s society, accessibility is an issue in the spotlight of public opinion. With the aim of making buildings accessible to everyone, there are a range of rules and regulations in Spain that seek to guarantee this universally in both public and private spaces. This is the case for buildings and

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