Car lift without cabin

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Hydraulic car lift platform that can carry people on board. Features a range of finishes and facilities. Specially designed to offer the best car park access solution for residential buildings, family homes, offices, etc.




  • Mechanism: Hydraulic drive – without cabin.
  • Speed: From 0.09 m/s to 0.13 m/s.
  • Load: 2,500 kg.
  • Travel: Up to 12 m.
  • Pit: 320 mm.
  • Voltage: Three-phase.
  • Boarding: Simple/180º.
  • Finish:
    • Non-slip sheet metal floor.
    • Alarm button.
    • Emergency light on cabin button panel.
    • Modular panels for easy assembly / disassembly.
    • Control devices with illumination, Braille and alarm button.
    • Telephone.
  • Lifting platform manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Directive.

Configura tu ascensor en 3 min.

Espejos, suelo, botoneras, pantallas personalizables con conexión
a internet… Elige entre toda nuestra gama de colores, accesorios
y materiales prémium y diseña el ascensor que más se adapte a
tus necesidades y al entorno.

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